Location vacances Saint-Nazaire - Appart'Vacances

Location vacances Saint-Nazaire - Appart'Vacances

LA BAULE : 15 minutes from Saint-Nazaire and the beach, the luxury hotel sand the villas nestling in the pine grove.
GUERANDE : 20 minutes from Saint-Nazaire, medieval town surrounded by 14th and 15th-century walls. Visit of the salt marshes.
LE POULIGUEN : 20 minutes from Saint-Nazaire, a family resort with a lively promenade on the Harbour. 
LE CROISIC : 30 minutes from Saint-Nazaire, its fishing harbour, the splendid 17th-century ship-owners' houses, visit to the Ocearium.
SAINT-LYPHARD and surrounding : 30 minutes from Saint-Nazaire, typical village of tatched cottages in Brière with its local market and the 2nd largest regional nature reserve in France.

Not to be Ignored

- The Harbour and Submarine Base - "Escal'Atlantic"
- Airbus
- The Atlantic Shipyard

Our Great Ideas

Bars and restaurants :
Tic & Toque: small greedy and good quality bar with southern terrace.
Trou du Fut: original decoration and warm environment.
Le Skipper: sober and elegant, with a view over the basin and the submarine base.
Cinema : two-minutes walking. 

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Appart'Vacances Saint-Nazaire

16 rue du 28 février 1943
44600 Saint-Nazaire
Tel : + 33 (0) 2 40 01 94 64
Fax : + 33 (0) 2 40 01 95 33
Manager : Grégory BOUVARD
Assistant : Sandra DESLANDES


From 29.50 € day

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